Greetings to our dynamic business community!

Have you heard of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)? If not, now’s the time to take note. AGOA offers a golden ticket to sub-Saharan African countries, granting duty-free access to the U.S. market for a whopping 1,800+ agricultural products.

Why is this crucial for Angolan Businesses?

Boosted Agricultural Exports: While our current agricultural exports to the U.S. might be in the nascent stages, AGOA offers an unmatched opportunity to elevate these numbers. Think about it: duty-free access for over 1,800 agricultural products. The market potential is enormous!

Ready Business Support: The U.S. government isn’t just throwing open its doors; they’re actively assisting businesses in walking through them. With a dedicated $31 million regional program, African firms are receiving the technical aid needed to effectively navigate the U.S. market.

Championing Economic Diversification: For Angola, trade isn’t just about numbers; it’s about sustainable growth. By investing in the agri-business sector and utilizing AGOA benefits, we can drive our national vision of economic diversification.

Strengthened Partnerships: Remember FoodCare, the Angolan firm that became a pioneer in food exports to the U.S.? They leveraged AGOA and showcased what’s possible. This should serve as an inspiring tale for more Angolan businesses to collaborate with U.S. counterparts.

At Palanca Bridge, we see AGOA not just as an Act but as a bridge, a bridge that can connect Angolan businesses to the vast U.S. market. And we’re here to help you cross it. With our expertise, network, and commitment, we aim to simplify your journey and ensure your business reaps the maximum benefits from AGOA.

To all our entrepreneurs, business owners, and visionaries – the U.S. market awaits your excellence. Let’s join hands and create success stories together. Partner with Palanca Bridge, and let’s navigate this promising journey.