Our Team

At Palanca Bridge, our greatest asset is our people. Our dedicated team of professionals brings an unrivaled level of expertise and passion to our work, serving as your guiding hand through the complexities of the Angolan market. We are here to deliver solutions and facilitate your success in Angola.

Eva wuta

Eva Wuta

Principal of Palanca Bridge

Eva embodies the spirit of our firm. Born in Angola, she experienced the diverse cultures and dynamics of Africa due to her father's role as a UN diplomat. She pursued degrees in Social Studies and International Business in Canada and the US, but her love for her home country drew her back to Angola. Eva's cosmopolitan upbringing and fluency in Portuguese, French, English, and Lingala provide her with an in-depth understanding of the African market, making her invaluable to our clients.

Email: eva@palancabridge.com


Luis Castro

Director of Investment

Luis Castro holds the position of Director of Investment at Palanca Bridge. Entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading our interactions with US investors, Luis not only presents key projects but also diligently oversees all tasks related to investments. His vast reservoir of knowledge and experience spans multiple decades and industries, with a pronounced expertise in technology, consulting, and the automotive sectors. Luis’s blend of seasoned acumen and dynamic leadership ensures Palanca Bridge’s investment strategies align with its goals.

Email: luis@palancabridge.com

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Tom Kayo

Director of Business Development

Tom, brings a wealth of knowledge in international trade, operations, logistics, and technology deployment. As a supply chain engineer, Tom's global experience and proficiency in technology make him the ideal guide for businesses navigating the digital landscape in the Angolan market. Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Tom's expertise is vital to our operations.

Email: tom@palancabridge.com

Our Consultants

Comprising global professionals with diverse skills and experiences, our consultants provide comprehensive, tailored approaches to each client, ensuring their success in the Angolan market.